About MindÜ

Practicing meditation is a way to have us looking at the real life in an external aspect, not by our emotions. It helps us enhance our mind to face difficulties and unhappiness, cure pains, and brings us mind-fullness to a better life through daily meditating.

MindÜ is a team combined by a small group of people.

The team members live in different locations in the world and have known each other through an online meditation group for more than 5 years. Most of us have separately suffered difficulties and pains of stress, anxiety, insomnia, panic emotions and illness for a long period before starting meditation.

Having found and experienced the mystical energy of letting go of stress, sleepless and disorder, and recovered from illness through meditation and mind-fullness, we agree that meditation is a life gift, which we can call on at any time when we need it. And we decided to be a team called MindÜ to share our meditation experiences and techniques worldwide, praying to help people like us who have suffered or is suffering pains from negative emotions, sleeping problems and body illness.

The content on MindÜ are created and keep increasing in following aspects: Breathing, Meditation Traing Course, Guided Meditation, Sleeping Meditation, Mindfulness, Self-healing and Dream-telling.

Our mission is to empower humans to improve health, regain happiness, and live better in the world.